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Be tough.

Life is tough, you know?

It’s easy to be lazy. It’s easy to continue the bad habits. It’s easy to call it quits without trying to change. It’s easy to think the only way out is to give up on everything including yourself. It’s easy to blame, get angry, or hurt others when we feel hurt. It’s easy to carry the victim mindset. It’s easy to shut down or run away from the problem that you’re facing, only until you realize that no matter how far you go, your problem will still follow you.

It’s easy until you realize that unless you overcome your problem, your lesson will keep repeating itself.

Be tough.

It doesn’t mean looking tough, getting loud, or using big words.

Being tough means holding on to your unyielding faith and having the courage to continue your journey no matter how hard it may seem, seeing the naked truth and facing your problem with your utmost integrity, choosing the harder path if that means pursuing your dreams, going against the grain if that means to do the right thing, to challenge your own limits, and to take action.

Being tough also means listening to your own voice in a world full of noises, saying only what needs to be said, choosing peace over violence, kindness over hatred, self-improvement over self-pity, staying composed when you have all the reasons to not be, holding your standards, leaving when it’s time, being patient with yourself and knowing when to actively seek help, to not only find hope but also create hope in any situation, to believe in a better future and intentionally work towards it, and to believe in yourself.

When life throws stones at you, collect them and build your foundation. Your faith must prevail.

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