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Break the patterns

If you've always said yes, try saying no; and if you would normally say no to a new experience, try saying yes.

If you’ve always been a planner, try spontaneity; and if you’ve always been going with the flow, try structure.

If your job is to come up with creative ideas, try taking a basic coding online class; and if analyzing numbers is what you do, try styling.

If your first language is English, try learning a new language; and if English is not your first language, try striking a conversation without worrying about your accent or grammar :)

If you’re usually a talker, try active listening to see others' points of view; and if you’re usually a quiet person, try speaking up your mind.

If you identify yourself as a socializer, try solitude; and if you identify yourself as a loner, try reaching out to someone you trust… or someone new.

If you tend to be tough on yourself, try letting go of past mistakes; and if you tend to be easy-going with yourself, try discipline.

You gotta break the patterns

to rejuvenate yourself,

to advance adaptability,

to see if there may be a better path you can take and what else you can be.

You gotta break the patterns

for life is not predetermined for you but by you.

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