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If I have a son

If I have a son, I will tell him that a strong man shows emotions. Vulnerability and the ability to communicate one’s feelings are keys to building healthy and deep connections with others.

If I have a son, I will tell him that toxic masculinity is a major turnoff. Conversely, being a male feminist doesn’t make him a loser but a noble person, not to mention it’s incredibly attractive to see a man who understands his value while also showing respect to women and uplifting them.

If I have a son, I will tell him that being a gentleman doesn’t just mean opening or holding the door for the woman he likes. ‘A gentleman’ isn’t an image to be created but a character to be built, even when no one is watching.

If I have a son, I will tell him that flakiness isn’t cool—consistency, sincerity, and loyalty are the codes to not only unlock a woman’s heart but also determine the trajectory and longevity of any relationship.

If I have a son, I will help him understand early in life that no one just happened to be a good man—that he should try to be a good boy first—being respectful and supportive of the girls.

(some thoughts on international day of the girl…💭)

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